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WP Real Estate

By InkHive

In terms of presentation, WP Real Estate fits the narrative of a serious property firm looking to expose their properties digitally. These days, there’s large quantities of customers who begin their search for a new property specifically online. And that means that choosing between the right WordPress real estate theme is an important step along the journey. Needless to say, we get this funny feeling that you’re going to like WP Real Estate a lot! Most probably because of how organized it feels, and how easy it is to add new listings that get shown on your homepage immediately after publishing.

In addition, InkHive have built this beautiful free theme with the principle of best performance and concise SEO optimization in mind. More often than not, you’ll find that many new customers coming to your real estate site arrive through search engines like Google. And rather than making you spend a fortune on custom SEO optimization, this theme includes those nifty little tricks by default. A wonderful treat, indeed!