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Travel Insight

Travel Insight is a bit of a jack of all trades kind of theme. It’s suitable for travel bloggers, but at the same time it’s perfectly fit for a travel agency. And in all fairness, this level of attention to detail always delivers exceptional results. In this theme, each section (on the homepage) is using a unique background backdrop over which you can display your business information. And this creative backdrop approach can help you instill feelings in your visitors minds from the moment they land on your website.

The features we feel are diverse and superbly organized. For example, you can adda Tours widget to show the specific types of tours that you’re offering. Further, another widgets gives you the flexibility to display important travel-related information. At the end of the day, deciding on a trip is only one part of the tourism process. Clients still need to figure out the legal logistics of everything. And if you have a theme that lets you describe as much travel information as possible, then that’s a huge plus in terms of client acquisition.