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Savona Classic

By Aslam

Savona Classic showcases how a combination of different WordPress design types can be put inside a single theme and provide an unforgettable experience. Indeed, Savona Classic is a true multi-purpose theme for bloggers, journalists, and publishers alike. The minimalistic approach to color choices, and broad spaces between elements, helps to instill a reading experience that’s easy to follow through. You’ll find that Savona Classic is suitable for food blogs, just as it is for blogs in categories like lifestyle, fitness, travel, and so much more.

On the homepage, you can work with tools like sliders, promotional boxes, and different arrangements of post displays. Whereas the posts themselves have an option between a Sidebar style and a No-Sidebar style. Besides, who says you can’t jump into Customizer and make some custom adjustments yourself. The freedom to edit the design is there for you to explore.