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Oneline Lite

Some WordPress themes never see more than a 100 downloads, while other themes get 500 downloads on a daily basis. Oneline Lite is one such theme which has managed to accumulate a reputable status in the WordPress community. Sitting at reasonable 400-500 daily downloads, this free business theme is a must-have for webmasters who love a fashionable design! Indeed, just like in the outside world, sometimes a ‘well-dressed’ design can leave a long-lasting impression.

The aspect that makes Oneline so popular is its open-ended use of SVG imagery. This fast-loading image format has taken website developers by a storm, allowing to create complex themes without having to compensate with performance. Online includes your favorite features and elements you would expect from a world-class design. All pages are based on a page-builder template, letting you use plugins like Elementor or Customify to achieve unlimited design flexibility.