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Multipurpose Shop

It’s interesting to learn that small design tweaks can lead to drastic improvements in conversion rates. Multipurpose Shop is one such versatile WordPress design that excels in the usage of interesting effects to amplify the shop experience. Needless to say, being able to build any kind of an online store with this theme is a huge plus. Countless developers miss out on the opportunity to make their theme a multi-purpose beast, but not this one. Carefully crafted Box Elements let you highlight latest sales and seasonal offers. Whereas product pages have a number of design choices attached to them.

The product page includes an image gallery, multiple size selection choices (if fashion), and also adds descriptions as well as reviews from existing customers. At the end of each product page there’s a widget that shows related posts. One last thing, go check out the footer on this free eCommerce theme — it’s astonishingly well created!