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MH FoodMagazine

MH Themes have over 25 free themes released on the WordPress theme repository. If there’s anyone who knows how to build reliable WP themes then it’s these guys for sure. As for MH FoodMagazine — the name kind of gives it away. And you guessed it right, it’s a Food / Magazine type of a design. However, our first impressions are that this isn’t your typical ‘slap some content blocks’ on the homepage type of a design. MH FoodMagazine uses a compact grid, putting different elements close to one another to create a more ‘home’ type of feeling. And it truly works; thousands of WordPress food bloggers are using this sublime design on their blogs.

As you would expect from a magazine theme, there’s plenty of ways to customize navigation options and content display. In addition, MH Themes always create their themes so that you can enable advertising and banner-based promotions. At the end of the day, money making is part of sharing your stories and knowledge.