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Hotel Resort

Logical Themes is coming through with Hotel Resort — an immersive WordPress theme for resorts, hotels, hostels, lodges, and other accommodation-based businesses. This is a fully decked out theme, and free of course, to help you execute the vision of a digital presence for your business. So, what’s in store for using this theme? First and foremost, a Bootstrap back-end ensures the latest web development standards. And that’s a great place to start. Additionally, numerous theme management features are integrated directly into WordPress Customizer. And as you might know, Customizer provides a simple Click and Edit type of interface for making changes to your websites design. Furthermore, Logic Themes have added a substantial amount of marketing elements like buttons, shop pages, and layouts to help you maximize the CTR.

All in all, Hotel Resort is a complete theme for both luxurious resorts, and mid-level hotels that wish to get a piece of the digital audience looking for hotel deals all around the globe. With a free price tag, this hotel theme is as good as they come.