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FoodHunt is an exceptional foodie theme for restaurant owners, and those in the restaurant business. Customers often get their first impressions of a business just by looking at a website, and we know that FoodHunt is going to provide a stellar first impression for your food-related business. The massive full-width website intro is ideal to place photos of your business, and even preview some of the more intricate options found on your menu. Not only that, you can utilize a plethora of customization options provided by FoodHunt to tailor a specific user experience.

Whether your goal is to highlight individual menu offerings, to write detailed news posts, or simply highlight the best aspects of your restaurant, we believe FoodHunt provides the necessary medium to achieve your goals effortlessly. Most importantly, ThemeGrill (the company developing this theme) writes excellent documentations that you can use as a reference point to achieve your desired result without too much hassle.