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Bootstrap Blog

If you have ever had an inkling towards web development then you’ll have come across Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the number one web development framework (HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) for creating mobile-responsive websites. These days, majority of WordPress themes use Bootstrap in one way or another, but only a few dare to base their entire theme on the framework. Bootstrap Blog goes all-in on showcasing the many strengths that Bootstrap Framework has, but also highlights the efficient design that can be achieved without much of a hassle.

The Bootstrap Blog theme encompasses elements like a unified Header; social icons, navigation, logo, and a search bar combined into a single element. Likewise, the menu itself scrolls with the reader as they navigate up or down on any page. Content layout includes featured posts, highlighted sections, and a traditional grid-based (multiple columns) listing for posts. It’s everything you’d ever require to scale a beautiful WordPress blog experience.